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Welcome to InterEnviroCon GmbH

Do you want to analyse gases in water?

Do you want to explore Rare Earth Oxides

Do you want to see water levels on your smartphone for a low price? In your set time intervals?  

Do you want to transform soil on which hardly anything grows into a green oasis or increase yield without mineral fertiliser

…then you're on the right place!

We would be happy to develop and design simple test devices or environmentally friendly processes according to your requirements.

Just get in contact with us!

What we offer:

• Development of equipment for environmental monitoring, suitable for use in the field

• Development of sustainably oriented technologies for improvement of environmental     conditions 

• Consulting and formulation of complex approaches to solve environmental problems.  

• Implementation of comprehensive courses and preparation of didactic materials in the   fields of geosciences, landscape-, farming- and hydro ecology as well as global   environmental problems 

• Market development consultancy 
     -South Africa 

Products and Technologies:

Contamination Spectrometer




AEROEUTRO Technology

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